“Put some respect on my Worth”
“Worthy” Dad hat
“Know your Worth, and add tax” Mug
“Worthy by default” Dad Hat
“Put some respect on my Worth” Dad hat

Fine And Worthy™

Hey Besty! Welcome to Fine&Worthy. We provide you with an excellent shopping experience as our clients' satisfaction is significant. We strive to provide you with the highest quality products at affordable prices while boosting your confidence. Everything about our brand revolves around our commitment to helping you look and feel worthy.

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fine and worthy
“Respect My Worth” - T-Shirt

DEMAND your respect and teach people how to treat you in our “Respect my Worth” T-shirt. This is your reminder that you are a queen.

“Worthy by default”

Define yourself, and never let the opinions of others dictate who you are because you were made Worthy by default.

“God called me Worthy” T-Shirt

God called me Worthy-Royal Blue
Respect my Worth- Hat

Make a statement, and rock this hat with our “Respect my Worth” T-shirt because your Worth matters.

Loyal Customers

This hat is everything! I love the color, and it fits perfectly. The message stands out and reminds me that God created me worthy.

Tiffany A

I love the message! And the material feels so good! I got it in red and blue. So glad I did!!

Natasha M

love this mug! I ordered the worthy mug to go with it! Absolute must have!

Shon I

The hat speaks for its self! Love the way it fits. Got it in red too!! And I love it!

Tasha S.

Here is the hat I ordered with my Worthy mug! It’s so comfortable and I get so many compliments on it!

Shon I

One of my favorite shirts and it’s so comfortable. The material is soft and doesn’t fade after washing. Thinking about getting one for my sister. Definitely recommend.


The most comfortable, best fitting tee I’ve had in awhile. I like my tees to be a little longer, and I absolutely dislike tight fitting shirts. This XL fit perfect!